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Centred for the Holidays

Did it sneak up on you like it did for me? Yeah - The Holidays are seriously just around the corner and it is starting to stress me out a bit! You may be like me in that I do a lot of shopping early! I’m usually long done by now! But this year, I haven’t started… It truly has snuck up on me and for once - I’m okay with it. I’ll sit down and start planning soon enough!

The truth is, no matter what, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this time of year is extremely busy with holiday celebrations, events, heavy workloads, school breaks, time off, deadlines and so much more.

Thinking about the holidays, I try to keep centred in myself. In how much I say YES to, how much work I create for myself, how much time I need to recharge my personal batteries, the projects I take on. I sometimes fall into the trap of seeing “holiday” time as a way to get more done. But that realistically is not the best plan…

As we go into the next couple months, it’s really important to prioritise what is important to you. Maybe it’s making sure you can fit in your family gathering, spending time on your hobbies, seeing holiday shows or simply just resting. When you can prioritise what is important to you (and the ones you love!) then things will flow much easier into the holiday season.

This month’s box is all about getting centred within yourself for the holidays. To give yourself space to plan, meditate, create and journal yourself to the happiest holiday season with gratitude practice - or just practice a little self care.

Getting centred will be the key for a fulfilling holiday season and making sure you keep on track with your goals, your healing and being the very best you!

I’ve been so happy to change things for the holidays in the past couple years after my divorce. I didn’t have strict rules anymore. So I could make things more relaxed, happier, simpler. It has brought a lot more joy to me. I know this season, I need to spend some time to collect my thoughts, and to plan so I can stay calm and in the festive spirit!

Are there things you might want to switch up for the holidays? How do you want to get centred this season? I’m excited to be on this journey with you!!

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead! Stay safe, warm, and kind.


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