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Inviting in the Good Spirits

Have you known someone who carries a clack cloud over their head all the time? Or maybe you’ve been that person… I know I have definitely been there! There’s no shame in that… Sometimes we get stuck in that place due to external circumstances, past trauma, hormonal changes - in reality there are a lot of factors that can play into our mood daily. It’s okay!

What we want to try to avoid is living in this space day in and day out. Sometimes, a quick change even temporarily of surroundings, our routine, or even the people around us can be huge in shifting our mindset back to one of growth, love and positivity. I know sometimes I feel stagnant energy around me, I get restless, I get grumpy. When I get out and find some new energy, I feel revitalised and full of excitement and joy again.

I am working this month on bringing in good spirits, good vibes and good people. So far this month has been a roller coaster - Very busy, very exciting - but not without its difficult moments as always.

I have to say thank you to the new the new subscribers this month and always the ones who are here, you are never forgotten! This is a one woman show and I am so honoured that you are here with me on this journey! I am always thankful for the support that all of you give me - even just being on this mailing list is huge for me!

As a side note - I know my videos aren’t the most polished ever, or my content isn’t totally airbrushed perfect, but it is me. And I have to say thank you for accepting me as me! It means more to me than I could explain.

This month, I’ve been really thinking about shining authentically, inviting in good energy, good spirits, wonderful people around me and being on a constant growth pattern. I feel calm, at ease, and at home which can come with difficulty for me. I really do struggle to relax and feel at peace. I am working to trust the universe that everything will come out just right! As it’s intended to be. It has felt difficult some days to open up, accept the gifts of the universe and trust the process, but every day, it gets easier.

Affirmations have always been important to me and they're finding their way back into my life of great significance. It is hard for me to put myself out there every day on social media for my businesses, personally, but I keep doing it. I promise to always show up for you. Affirmation work, meditation, self reflection and therapy sessions have been extremely helpful to continue forward. What things do you love to do to help you on your journey?

I have been getting stuck into creating beautiful dishes in the kitchen, like soups, pies and breads. Listening to records and reading and writing. This nourishes me and energies my soul and attracts all of the magic in the world. And it truly his a magical season!

I also wanted to update you on a couple of very exciting things!

First - Check out our shop to view our new small gift box! I know some of you may be looking for gifts for loved ones over the season! I can confirm that none of these items are in the 12 Days of Christmas box - 3 have been in previous boxes but have turned out to be fan favourites! This box features Three Crystals and Affirmation cards as well as a favourite bath tea, and lip balm plus a beautiful assorted positive sticker. Perfect for a small gift of friendship or a treat for yourself! Valued at £34! These will be available leading up to Christmas for your shopping needs! There are only FOUR 12 Days of Christmas Boxes left! If you’re thinking about it, do not miss out! Act now!

I am also very excited to let you know that we will be launching a podcast in the New Year! Available on Spotify, Apple Music and Video on Youtube! We will be bringing on special guests discussing various health specialties, from yoga, nutrition, psychic development, reiki, gardening and so much more! A new Episode will be available each week some with guests and some without! I hope to see you along for the journey!

With the new podcast to launch, watch this space for special access to an exclusive membership where you’ll be able to ask your questions to the podcast guests, get exclusive extra content, daily video affirmations, special recipes and so much more. A second tier for a monthly group call to connect, get support from other members, sound therapy and lots more! There will be a further tier available if you’d like to do monthly life coaching sessions - plus access to everything else listed above. There’s more to come, and I am so excited to have you be part of this!

Hit reply and let me know if this is something you’d be interested in joining!!

So with all of that - what magic are you going to accept into your life this month and the rest of the year? I am so excited to hear all of your wins and the beautiful energy you create! It’s in you. I know it is.

Sending you lots of love! I am cheering for you today and always!

Have a beautiful week,


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