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Spooky Season is Here!!

Since this month is about the thinning of the veil, I figure it’s a great time for a ghost story this week. Or maybe an example of an angel looking out for you. I know the world is quite split whether ghosts exist or spirits are even really a thing, but for me, I believe they are.

Perhaps it’s given comfort after loss, or maybe it’s really happening, but I am certainly a believer! Today, I’ll share you a couple little stories!

I have been affected by loss throughout my life as I know most if not all of of us here have been. There are a couple special people I have lost over the years that I am certain come to visit and act as my angels and I am so thankful.

The first one, would be my brother. I lost him when I was only seven years old to suicide. He was pretty much my best friend when I was a kid and I relished in the time I’d get to hang out with his cool teenager friends and how he’d always look out for me. It wasn’t always sunshine with him as I’m sure you can imagine, but he was my hero in a lot of ways. I struggled for a long time after he passed but over the years it has gotten easier. I know he’s looking out for me as whenever we move, strange things happen in every single house, from doors closing, to lights being turned on and more, he’s always there. They’ll go on, but if I say “Thanks for checking in Christopher” or something similar, it all stops. How weird is that?

About ten years ago, I was driving down a main road in my home town about 50mph and a car started to turn in front of me. This would have been a potentially fatal crash. I still can’t explain it… But I really don’t know how I didn’t hit her. There was not enough time to stop to let them by, nor to speed up and pass in front. It felt like time slowed for my car, but hers continued on the regular trajectory and I am to this day certain that there was other world involvement. He’s always been my angel!

I know I have another angel. And she is always with me no matter what. I lost my best friend in 2017. It was sudden and tragic while she was living out of town. I hadn’t seen her for a couple years as she had moved and stopped contact even with her family. I actually returned from a trip to see the news from her sister that she had passed. It’s hard to explain but I always feel her presence with me. Doing fun things like going to concerts, or even just having quiet time cooking - especially baking! Her warmth and bubbly spirit seems to be around.

I attended her funeral of course. It was a beautiful Catholic service. I stood alone and I watched and questioned everything about life. But as I stood there looking, I felt her come up beside me and whisper in my ear “It’ll be okay Ashmo (which she always called me and I had forgotten) I love you” but I felt the hug too. You know there are people that you just know their embrace. She was one. It still gives me goosebumps and I can still feel it. She was one special woman! I can tell you that!

Maybe these are my ghosts, but they are truly my angels. Teaching me about life and how to help other people, To give comfort, be compassionate, understanding and give love. Loss always leaves a hole in our heart that sometimes seems it will never be filled. But we can cherish our memories with these people, honour them by continuing to practice something that was important to them, or take their teachings, direct or indirect and use it to make the world better. Continue with love in your heart.

This month’s box gives you some divination tools, tools to connect with yourself, to clear your space, to clear your mind, to open your heart. This is the time to make the most of your spiritual practice and see some growth!

Do you have a ghost or angel story that you’d like to share with me? Leave a comment and let me know!

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