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Welcome to October!

Get your sweaters out! Spooky season is officially here!

The high energy of the summer requires balance now as it gets darker and cooler. The Yang energy must be balanced with the incoming Yin energy. I sometimes think that the season changes help to balance us internally too - After all, everything is connected.

There is gentle movement coming into this change of season where we begin to come inside more and refocus for the rest of the year. It’s a great shift from the expansive energy and excitement, into the calm flow of Fall.

October is always such an interesting month where we find the thinning of the veil, where our world and the spirit world are closest, right as we hit Halloween to the first of November. You may find heightened spiritual growth and connection this month, both with yourself and to the spirit world. We may be more aligned with our spiritual sides, the spiritual world and experience more kind of… spooky happenings around us!

I think it is a beautiful time to enjoy the harvest, to connect with yourself, to deepen your spiritual practice and have an open heart and mind to our surroundings. They also say that this is the time it’s easier to communicate with those who have passed and to honour the souls of those who have gone before us. This also makes it a great time for divination for insight on your true self, your surroundings and your goals or make any contact you are seeking. The spirit world isn’t a scary space. It can offer clarity and a fresh perspective. This time of year can offer more clarity than other times even with the crossover from the spirit world!

I’ve always loved Halloween and ghost stories and the spooky things that comes with the season - but mostly in it’s lessons of how truly connected everything is. The lore like werewolves and vampires, that when we pass, we aren’t gone, and the mind opening feeling that comes with the lines getting blurred between two worlds. It is spectacular and a true opportunity to make your own magic in the world, and be your very best self.

Do you have any ghost stories to share? What about angels looking out for you? Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as we go deeper into these topics. I am lucky to have my angels around me all the time.

This month’s box includes oracle cards, tingsha bells, a variety of incense burners and cones and sticks and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on yours!

This month, we have our bonus box offer back! Pick a previous box when you subscribe now!

Have a beautiful week ahead!


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