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Who Are We?

I have had a lot of training in different industries and many personal and professional experiences that led me to create the Happy Healthy Hippie Box!

I studied holistic therapy at Wild Rose College in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and have been practicing different modalities of healing since 2007. Helping my clients change their lives, grow and feel better. I currently practice Reiki, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Sound Therapy (body tuning) and Space Clearing primarily though I have trained in herbalism, massage, and other healing methods. 

I came to the UK from Canada with my son in 2019 and left behind my family, and friends to begin a new life here with my then-husband. I also left a long-term career in insurance that I had as my full-time job and continued here in London. I dealt with burnout and the stress of being a single parent to a young child for years, and though I still practiced holistic therapy on the side for all of those years, I know that the main career took over as I saw myself working 16+ hour days, never having a moment for myself, gaining weight, smoking, drinking more and everything spiralling out of control. 

I was beyond burnt out, I didn’t really recognize myself anymore, not the happy, energetic person I used to be… It wasn’t good. 

When I moved to the UK to join my husband, I wanted it to be a time to get myself back, some of it went okay for a while until I knew I had to get out of the relationship for my son’s and my well-being. I finally gathered the strength to leave and worked to pick up the pieces left of me. Shortly after, I also lost my job.

Trust me when I say that it isn’t a bad thing.I truly was able to spend time with myself, to reconnect and look at ways I could begin to heal myself and to help other people which is what I truly love to do. I think everything had to fall apart to put my on track to what I love. 

Thank you for being here on this journey - to fall in love with yourself again or for the first time and to build yourself a beautiful life.


Our Dream 
We want you to fall in love with yourself again

We are building a community of compassion, support and understanding. You’re not alone and we promise to be with you every step of the way on your journey forward! To rediscover you, to love you, to give yourself space and permission to connect deeply with yourself. To allow a beautiful and full life that you deserve to flourish. 

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