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Welcome to The Happy Healthy Hippie Box!

Created to help you on your healing, health, and happiness journey. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources needed to do just that. Our holistic approach to healing and wellness includes physical, spiritual, and emotional nourishment. Each of our boxes are filled with carefully curated items to help you achieve a balanced and more mindful life.

We are here for you every step of the way!

Owner and Founder Ashley studied and has practiced holistic therapy for over fifteen years and is now bringing this expertise to you with a large selection of high quality products to support you on your wellness journey. 

Is The Happy Box vegan-friendly?

 Yes! We only make and source vegan-friendly products

Do you use fragrance oils?

We do not use fragrance oils in any of the products we make and only look to source products that use essential oils. 

Can I gift a box?

Absolutely! You can gift a single box or a full subscription to anyone inside or outside the UK.

Can I buy a single box?

Yes of course! We will list extras of monthly boxes if you'd like to backorder a box - once they are sold out, they are gone though! Our shop is also set up for single orders of our handmade products! We also have staple boxes - as they're released for each month, they'll be added to a few one off purchases.

Is it difficult to cancel?

We know how difficult it can be to cancel subscriptions sometimes. If you decide the box is no longer for you, we'll never make you feel guilty or try to force you to stay! We know that circumstances and needs change! We promise to make any cancellation as easy as possible. That said, we would always love to have your feedback on what we could do better for you! Please note - if your renewal date just passed and your box has already been shipped, we cannot offer a refund in that case. If you would like to cancel, please try to do so before your renewal date. If you do need to cancel or pause your subscription - please email 

Is it allergen free?

Overall we aim to be allergen free, but we cannot guarantee this in every box. All hand made products will include an ingredient list.

Do you use plastic free packaging?

Any products we produce ourselves aim to be plastic free, some items we can't avoid (like flip or pump lids) but our plastic use is as minimal as possible and we do not use plastic or styrofoam in our packaging, we also aim to provide other products that are plastic free, local and eco friendly in our box.

Is there a joining BONUS?



Yes! All new subscribers will receive a £30 Mystery Box with their first box!

If you have further questions or concerns please contact us.

We would HAPPY to assist you!

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